Manual circular saw, cutting from 0° to 45° left

IDEAL 250 is the manual disc sawing machine for metals and cuts from 0 ? to 45 ?. Easy to use thanks to the button start-stop in the handle, IDEAL 250 is equipped with a large support base with non-slip feet; easily transportable thanks to the small dimensions that make it the ideal work tool for yards.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 90? Round: 85mm
Square: 75mm
Rectanuolar: 100x65mm
Cutting capacity at 45? (left) Round: 80mm
Square: 75mm
Rectangular: 90x60mm
Motor power 0.8KW
Blade size (diameter) 250mm
Blade hole (diameter) 32mm
Blade speed 54 rpm
Colant tank capacity 2l
Dimensions 300x800x750mm
Weight 40kg
IDEAL 250 1F1V V23050 24V KW08

Small size

The small size of IDEAL 250 together with its ease of use (thanks to the start / stop system present in the handle) make it the ideal tool for use on yards and in small workshops. Small weight and the upper handle allow it to be transported in different work places.

IDEAL 250 1F1V V23050 24V KW08


The machine is equipped with a lubrication-cooling system with filter, automatic pump and 2l tank with hermetic seal.

IDEAL 250 1F1V V23050 24V KW08


IDEAL 250 is equipped with a support base for the material and a metal blade cover to protect the operator during use, as well as a head locking device.

IDEAL 250 1F1V V23050 24V KW08

Bar support (Optional)

Bar support with adjustable height from 710 to 1100 mm. Capacity 150 kg

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