GBS 130

Manual badsaw for small carpentry and installers

GBS 130 is the IMET manual sawing machine: versatile and easy to use, ideal for small series mechanical productions. The small size and ease of transport make it the ideal tool for use on construction sites. The machine cuts from 0 ° to 60 ° to the left

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at o° Round: 130mm
Square: 130mm
Rectangle: 130x125mm5mm
Cutting capacity at 45 ° left Round: 95mm
Square: 95mm
Rectangle: 95x95mm5mm
Cutting Capacity at 60° left Round: 60mm
Square: 60mm
Rectangle: 60x50mm0mm
Blade dimensions 1440x13x0,65mm
Blade motor 1.2 KW
Blade speed 30/80 m/min
Weight 19kg
Dimensions 350x700x450mm

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Technical sheet
GBS 130 ESC 1F V230-50/60HZ

Work Surface

GBS 130 has a large work surface with rotation integral with the bow designed to avoid incisions on the fifth wheel for easy rotation.