circular saws, suitable to cut metal profiles

PERFECT 275 is the manual circular saw for cutting metal profiles and solid (up to 42 kg / mm2). PERFECT 275 is the ideal saw for small metal productions and is equipped with a quick start system by button in the handle.

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Technical information

Blade hole 32mm
Blade speed 42 rpm
Coolant tank capacity 2l
Blade motor power 1.1KW
Dimensions 500x850x950mm
Weight 112kg
Cutting capacity at 90° Round: 90mm
Square: 80mm
Rectangular: 100x70mm
Cutting capacity at 45° Round: 70mm
Square: 70mm
Rectangular: 80x60mm
Blade size 275mm

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Technical sheet
PERFECT 275 3F 2V V400 24V CEE

Ease of use

PERFECT 275 is a versatile and easy work tool thanks to the quick start by start / stop button on the handle