GBS 185 GH

Gravity band saw for small productions.

GBS 185 GH is the iMET controlled descent sawing machine. Versatile and easy to use, GBS 185 GH is ideal for small series mechanical productions and for small carpentry. The machine can cut from 0 ° to 60 ° on the left.

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Technical information

Weight 215kg
Dimensions 600x1200x1700mm
Cutting capacity at 0 ° Round: 185mm
Square: 180mm
Rectangle: 200x155mm5mm
Cutting capacity at 45 ° leftra Round: 110mm
Square: 110mm
Rectangle: 110x110mm0mm
Cutting capacity at 60 ° leftra Round: 70mm
Square: 70mm
Rectangle: 70x70mm0mm
Cutting capacity at 0 ° for full (C45) 80mm
Blade sizeama 2085x20x0,9mm
Blade motor 0.8 KW
Blade speed 30/60 m/min
Height of the work surface 900mm

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Technical sheet
GBS 185 GH AUTOCUT 2V3FV400-50

Wide working area

GBS 185 GH has a wide worktop with rotation integral with the bow designed to avoid incisions on the same on a ball bearing for easy rotation.

GBS 185 GH AUTOCUT 2V3FV400-50


The vice with adjustable guides, sliding transversally on the work surface and quick approach to the cutting material.

GBS 185 GH AUTOCUT 2V3FV400-50


The bimetal blade has a size of 2965x27x0.9mm with a speed of use between 30 and 70 meters per minute making it the ideal tool for processing steel and cast iron.