GBS 218

Manual band saw for small production

GBS 218 is the IMET manual sawing machine: versatile and easy to use, GBS 218 is ideal for small and medium mechanical series production and for small and medium carpentry. The machine makes angled cuts up to 60 ° to the left. sinistra

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0 ° Round: 220mm
Square: 210mm
Rectangle: 230x185mm5mm
Cutting capacity at 45 ° left Round: 150mm
Square: 150mm
Rectangle: 150x210mm0mm
Cutting capacity at 60 ° left Round: 90mm
Square: 90mm
Rectangle: 90x100mm0mm
Cutting capacity at 0 ° for full (C45)) 150mm
Blade size 2455x27x0,9mm
Blade motor 1.2 KW
Blade speed 35/70 m/min
Height of the work surfaceo 900mm
Weight 240kg
Dimensions 680x1400x1800mm

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Technical sheet
GBS 218 2V 3F V400-50

Wide working area

GBS 218 has a wide working area with rotation integral with the bow designed to avoid incisions of the same, on ball bearing for easy rotation.