H 1200 NC F1500


Automatic double column bandsaw for straight cuts

H 1200 NC F1500 is an automatic double column bandsaw suitable for straight cuts of carpentry works, pipes and solid materials, an affordable working tool for every professional user. The machine uses an innovative interface with 10" touch screen display, guarantees for the highest cutting perfomances thanks to its rigid structure and 5° canted blade

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 680mm
Square: 640mm
Rectangular: 1250x600mm
Cutting capacity with bundle cutting Max. 1000x330mm
Min. 50x50mm
Cutting capacity at 0° for solid (C45)) 400mm
Blade size 8140x54x1.6mm
Blade speed 7.5KW
Blade motor power 15/90 m/min
Feeder length 1500mm
Feeder motor power 1.5KW
Minimal scrap-end 300mm
Minimum cutting length 100m
Working area height 855mm
Size 4250x4000x2750mm
Weight 4955kg

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Technical sheet
H1200 NC F1500 AUT.IDR. N54 0°

10" Touch screen display

H 1200 NC has an easy and intuitive interface dedicate to optimize the user-experience: thanks the CNC system and 10" touch screen display the user can manage all the machine operative function, set up 99 cutting program and multiple cutting length on the same bar, set the number of feeder stroke, the number of pieces and blade speed. It's also possibile to do an autodiagnostic to detect errors.

H1200 NC F1500 AUT.IDR. N54 0°

Material feeder

Feeder length is 3000mm with automatic stroke repetition, movement on linear ball guides. Minimum scrap end on the single cut is 300mm and 400mm with bundle cutting. H 1200 NC has a high positioning precision and stroke repetition thanks to the innovative system geared motor driven by inverted and controlled by a linear or encoder and mechanical clamping.

H1200 NC F1500 AUT.IDR. N54 0°

Rigid sawframe

H 800 NC has a big size, electrowelded bow with rigid structure and big thickness. The massive structure helps reduce any vibration, binding or slowing during the cutting process, saving sawblade life and durability. High Cutting performances even on the biggest sections and full materials are provided by the 5° canted blade with 2000kg/cm2 blade tension.

H1200 NC F1500 AUT.IDR. N54 0°

Material detection system

H 800 and H 1200 are equipped with an automatic detection material system which also detech the first cut point thanks to a magnetic strip with encoder for material reading: the operator must set the material size on the panel control, the machine starts the automatic fast lowering of the sawframe up to the set value. This process allows to have a faster and easier approach to the material, helping saving time.

H1200 NC F1500 AUT.IDR. N54 0°

Blade speed

H 1200 NC F1500 is equipped with ESC electronic inverter for variable speed so that the machine is suitable to cut multiple materials (even bigger section and solids)

H1200 NC F1500 AUT.IDR. N54 0°


Tha machine has an hydraulic horizontal vice slinding on the working place. The vice uses a system with opening jaws on both sides to ease the loading of not-rectilinear bars.

H1200 NC F1500 AUT.IDR. N54 0°

Washing gun

Premium Line automatic bandsaws and semiautomatic and automatic Maxi Line bandsaws are standardly equipped with a washing gun dedicated to keep clean the working area and remove any residuals and remainings, allowing to keep the highest efficiency of the machine.