KS 802 NC

Semiautomatic bandsaw with automatic bow rotation

KS 802 NC is a semiautomatic double column bandsaw suitable to cut pipes, tubes, bars and solid up to 60° on left and right. The machine has the automatic rotation of the sawfram managed by CNC, making it the ideal working tool for batch production and professional applications.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 680mm
Square: 640mm
Rectangular: 820x610mm
Cutting capacity at 45° left Round: 550mm
Square: 550mm
Rectangular: 550x600mm
Cutting capacity at 45° right Round: 550mm
Square: 550mm
Rectangular: 550x580mm
Cutting capacity at 60° left Round: 370mm
Square: 370mm
Rectangular: 370x600mm
Cutting capacity at 60° right Round: 370mm
Square: 370mm
Rectangular: 370x450mm
Cutting capacity with bundle device Max: 800x320mm
Min: 50x50mm
Cutting capacity at 0° solids (C45) 350mm
Blade size 7260x41x1.3mm
Canted blade
Blade motor 5.5KW
Blade speed 15/100m/min
Coolant tank capacity 3l
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 25l
Working table height 800mm
Size - Weight 2050x3600x2700mm

10" Touch screen display

KS 802 NC has an easy and intuitive interface dedicate to optimize the user-experience: thanks the CNC system, 10" touch screen display the user can manage all the machine operative function, set up 99 cutting program and multiple cutting length on the same bar, set the number of feeder stroke, the number of pieces and blade speed. It's also possibile to do an autodiagnostic to detect errors.


Rigid sawaframe

KS 802 NC has big size, electrowelded bow with rigid structure and big thickness. The massive structure helps reduce any vibration, binding or slowing during the cutting process, saving sawblade life and durability. High cutting performances even on the biggest sections and full materials are provided by the 5° canted blade with 2000kg/cm2lade tension.


Sawframe rotation

The machine has an automatic sawframe rotation system managed by toothed belt and motor reducer. Positioning precision is provided by an hydraulic cylinder to stop the rotation. Rotation managed by CNC and 10" touch screen display.


Lowering speed display

KS 802 NC lowering sawframe speed can be set, managed and view thanks to the LCD display on the panel control.