H 601

Semiautomatic double column bandsaws for pipes

Semiautomatic double column bandsaws with hydraylic movement of the cutting saws. Machine has the possibility to cut from 0° to 60°to cute left. H 601 is the perfect working tool to cut pipes, bars and solid materials (up to 280mm on the round) and is suitable for carpentry works.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 90° Round: 510mm
Square: 450mm
Rectangular: 610x440mm
Cutting capacity at 45° Round: 440mm
Square: 440mm
Rectangular: 440x450mm
Cutting capacity at 60° Round: 260mm
Square: 260mm
Rectangular: 250x450mm
Cutting capacity at 90° with bundle Max 600x250mm
Min 150x50mm
Cutting capacity at 90° solid (C45) 280mm (350mm with 41mm blade and 4KW motored.)
Blade size 5320x34x1.1mm
Maximum opening of the vice 620mm
Blade inclination
Blade motor 3Kw
Blade speed 15÷110
Working plate height 820mm
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 20l
Cooolant tank capacity 60l
Machine size 1500x2850x2170mm
Weight 1700kg
H601 SEMIAUT.0/60° N34 IDR

Working area

Machine has a wide working area to fully support the material while cutting. The plate is supported by a central pivot with preloadedd bearings.

H601 SEMIAUT.0/60° N34 IDR

Graduated scale

H 601 worktable has a system with cutting grades reported on the plate that allows to always have the highest precision and accuracy while setting the cutting angle.