KS 502


Double column semiautomatic bandsaw

KS 502 is a double-column semi-automatic band saw machine. Designed and conceived for use in the field of mechanical structure, it is particularly suitable for cutting pipes, profiles and beams. KS 502 can cut right and left up to a 60°.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 90° Round: 350mm
Square: 330mm
Rectangular: 500x310mm
Cutting capacity at 45° left Round: 300mm
Square: 300mm
Rectangular: 300x320mm
Cutting capacity at 45° right Round: 320mm
Square: 320mm
Rectangular: 320x320mm
Cutting capacity at 60° left Round: 150mm
Square: 150mm
Rectangular: 150x320mm
Cutting capacity at 60° right Round: 150mm
Square: 150mm
Rectangular: 150x330mm
Cutting capacity (BUNDLE) Max: 500x250mm
Min: 160x40mm
Cutting capacity at 90° for solids(C45) 280mm
Min. scrap-end with bundle 235mm
Blade motor 2.2KW
Blade speed Da 15 a 100 m/min
Blade size 4250x34x1.1mm
Blade tension 2000kg/cm2
Weight 1200kg
KS 502 SHI N34 ESC 400V


The vice slides transversally on the work surface, linear guides, complete with standard pressure reducer. All the machines from the KS series (450, 502, 620 and 652) allow to lock the material by closing the vice once and then to rotate the arc for cutting both right and left (up to 60 °).

KS 502 SHI N34 ESC 400V

Working table

Easy to use thanks to the rotating work surface integral with the arc and the blade passage to optimize the material support system during processing in all angles.

KS 502 SHI N34 ESC 400V

Angle cutting precision

The cutting precision is ensured by the graduated scale (on the work surface) which constitutes a visual reference for the operator in case of angle cutting. There're also automatic stops at 45°left, 0 ° and 45 ° right. To increase cutting precision, IMET band saws are equipped of a system for detecting degrees of cut away from the center.

KS 502 SHI N34 ESC 400V


In electro-welded steel, the blade has an inclination of 6 ° to improve the penetration in the material and optimize the execution of the cut. The rotation of the arc is done by bearing preloaded. The blade of KS 502 has a tensionning of 2000kg / cm2 and is equipped with a control microswitch for immediate stop in case of blade breaking or power failure.