KS 450

Semiautomatic bandsaw for steel constructions

KS 450 is the semi-automatic sawing machine conceived, designed and developed for cutting metal structural work, pipes, profiles and beams. KS 450 is the only sawing machine of its class capable of cutting up to 60 ° to the right and to left by positioning the locking vice only once.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 350mm
Square: 330mm
Rectangular: 450x320mm
Cutting capacity at 45° right/left Round: 330mm
Square: 320mm
Rectangular: 320x300mm
Cutting capacity at 60° left Round: 210mm
Square: 200mm -Rectangular: 180x270mm
Cutting capacity at 60° right Round: 160mm
Square: 150mm -Rectangular: 150x270mm
Cutting capacity at 0° for solids (C45) Round: 250mm
Cutting capacity (BUNDLES) Max. 400x250mm
Min. 160x40mm
Blade size 4250x34x1,1mm
Blade motor 2.2KW
Blade speed 15-100 m/min
Working table (height) 845mm
Weight 980kg
Dimensions 1400x2250x2180mm
KS 450 V400

Vice and material positionning

The opening vice measures 460mm sliding transversally on the work surface, linear guides, locking and rapid approach, complete with standard pressure reducer. All the saws of KS series (450, 502, 620 and 652) allow to fix the material clamping vice only once and then to rotate the arc for cutting both right and left (up to 60 °).

KS 450 V400

Working table

The working table of KS 450 has a height of 845mm and it's integral with the arc and passage of the blade so that it can hold the material in all angles.

KS 450 V400

Graduated scale

To obtain a better and higher cutting precision, there is a graduated scale (far from the center of the machine , making it easier to read) as a visual reference with automatic stops at 0 ° and 45 ° (right and left).

KS 450 V400

Steel sawframe

KS 450 is equipped with rigid welded steel tubular section arc and 360mm pulleys. The rotation of the arc is done by preloaded bearing.

KS 450 V400

Inclinated blade

KS 450 and all the saws of the KS range finish the cut with the blade inclined 6 °, facilitating the penetration of the blade into the material and allowing to always cut a section of material even in presence of a solid.