Automatic bandsaw with electronic control

CUBO 300 E FLAT is the electronic automatic bandsaw, is an innovative working tool intended to cut medium size tube, profiles and bars. The machine allows to cut one cutting length at a time by setting the measure and the position with the manual handler with digital reading. Machine has manual rotation of the bow and automatic material feeder.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 255mm
Square: 230mm
Rectangular 300x180mm
Cutting capacity at 45° Round: 210mm
Square: 190mm
Rectangular 200x160mm
Cutting capacity at6 60° Round: 135mm
Square: 110mm
Rectangular 130x100mm
Cutting capèacity with bundle cutting Max. 250x120mm
Min. 120x20mm
Blade motor 1.5/1.8KW
Blade motor with ESC 1.5KW
Blade speed 18-100m/min
Blade speed with ESC 35-70m/min
Blade size 2765x27x0.9mm
Altezza piano di lavoro 870mm
Feeder length 515mm
Feeder motor power 0.75kw
Scrap end 210mm
Min cutting length in automatic cycle 15mm
Hydraulic unit tank 20l
Coolant tank capacity 100l
Working table height 870mm
Weight 850kg
Size 1940x1880x1830mm

Innovative CUBO series

CUBO Series introduces a cluster of innovation about design and new functionalities: CUBO range aims to optimize our customers user experience safeguarding the security of the machine operator during the cutting process, making CUBO the ideal working tool for every professional environment and metal carpentry.