Heavy duty automatic vertical saw

SIRIO 370 AF-E is the professional automatic vertical miter saw with vertical control. The machine cuts at 0 ° to 45 ° right in the semi-automatic cycle and from 0 ° to 60 ° left in the automatic cycle. The blade with the vertical descent allows cutting high-strength steels. The cutting head rotation and positioning is manual.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 120mm
Square: 100mm
Rectangular 180x100mm
Cutting capacity at 45° left Round: 120mm
Square: 100mm
Rectangular 130x100mm
Cutting capacity at 45° right Round: 105mm
Square: 100mm
Rectangular 130x100mm
Cutting capacity at 60° left Round: 110mm
Square: 90mm
Rectangular 90x100mm
Cutting capacity at 0° (for solids) 40mm
Blade size D: 370mm
hole: 40mm
Blade speed 15/30 rpm
Double blade speed 30/60 rpm
Blade speed with ESC inverter 15/70 rpm
Blade speed x2 with ESC inverter 30/140 rpm
Blade motor power 1.5/2.2 KW
Feeder lenght 520mm
Min. cut in automatic cycle 15mm
Min. diam. cutted in section 5mm
Scrap-end 170mm
Working table height 925mm
Dimensions 1900x1450x2100mm
Weight 710kg
SIRIO 370 AF-E 3F 15+30RPM 400

Rigid vertical structure

The SIRIO models have high structural stability to reduce vibrations and movements of the miter saw when cutting. The rigid vertical structure is in cast iron with a large surface of contact between the machine head and the structure to ensure even more solidity when in use

SIRIO 370 AF-E 3F 15+30RPM 400

Electroni control

All the functions of the SIRIO 370 AF-E can be controlled from the control panel: length and setting number of cuts, positioning of the blade for rapid approach, start and end of cut operations, disc rotation speed, cycle time, number of cuts.

SIRIO 370 AF-E 3F 15+30RPM 400

Cutting lenght settings

SIRIO 370 AF-E allows to set a cutting length through the manual positioner with digital reading and decimal nonius for maximum positioning precision.