Numerical control automatic sawing machine

CUBO 350 NC FLAT is the numerically controlled automatic hydraulic sawing machine for the production of pipes in series, profiles, beams and medium-sized bars with the possibility of cutting up to 60 ° with manual sawframe rotation. Through the Industry 4.0 Ready system, CUBO 350 NC FLAT can be controlled and programmed remotely.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0 ° Round: 305mm
Square: 250mm
Rectangle: 350x200mm
Cutting capacity at 45 ° left Round: 255mm
Square: 230mm
Rectangle: 230x200mm
Cutting capacity at 60 ° left Round: 175mm
Square: 155mm
Rectangle: 170x100mm
Cutting capacity with bundle device max 300x160mm
min 90x10mm
Cutting capacity at 0 ° full (C45)) 200mm
Blade size 3370x27x0.9mm
Blade motor 1.8KW
Blade speed 15-100 m/min
Motor of the feeder carriage 0.75KW
Minimal waste 80mm
Hydraulic power unit tank capacity 20l
Coolant tank capacity 100l
Minimum length that can be cut 15mm
Maximum cuttable length 9999mm
Weight 890kg
Dimensions 2190x2245x1850mm
Height of the work surface 880mm
CUBO 350 NC FLAT    400V

CNC Touch Screen

CUBO 350 NC FLAT is equipped with numeric control via touch screen with the possibility of managing all the operating functions of the machine and controlling the selected cutting program (up to 99 program lines can be set). Using the keyboard, cutting lengths from 4-9999mm can be set with automatic repetition of strokes and total number of pieces to be cut.