Automatic bandsaw with CNC for batch production

CUBO 400 NC FLAT is an automatic bandsaw with CNC suitable to be a professional working tool for batch production for tubes, bars, profiles and solids. The machine bow rotation is manual while the automatic feeder is integrated. Thanks to INDUSTRY 4.0 READY optional, the user can control its machine remotely (or with the 7" integrated touch screen display)

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 310mm
Square: 280mm
Rectangular: 400x250mm
Cutting capacity ata 45° sinistra Round: 280mm
Square: 270mm
Rectangular: 300x200mm
Cutting capacity ata 60° sinistra Round: 210mm
Square: 200mm
Rectangular: 200x200mm
Cutting capacity with bundle cutting Max: 300x160mm
Min: 85x10mm
Cutting capacity at 0° with solids (C45) 250mm
Blade size 4020x34x1.1mm
Blade motor 2.2KW
Blade speed 18-100m/min
Minimum cutting length (automatic) 15mm
Feeder single stroke 515mm
Feeder motor power 0,75KW
Minimum scrap end 80mm
Working area height 890mm
Weight 990kg
Size 2405x2305x2170mm
CUBO 400 NC FLAT  400V

Touch screen display

Automatic IMET bandsaws have touch screen display (7" in this version) that allows to manage, set and view all functioning settings with just few clicks. The interface is intuitive, simple and easy-to-use, so that the user can easilty set cutting lines and programs, have a self-diagnosis to detech errors. The CNC system allows to set up to 99 programs, 10 lengths for each bars while the cutting length range goes from 4mm to 9999mm with automatic stroke repetition.