Numerical control automatic sawing machine

CUBO 350 NC BOX is an automatic sawing machine belonging to the innovative CUBO SERIES. It is a reliable, safe and easy to use work tool thanks to the 7 "touch screen display with the possibility of remote cutting management via INDUSTRY 4.0 READY. The rotation of the bow is manual with integrated feeder carriage.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0 ° Round: 305mm
Square: 250mm
Rectangle: 350x200mm0mm
Cutting capacity at 45 ° left Round: 255mm
Square: 230mm
Rectangle: 230x200mm0mm
Cutting capacity at 60 ° right Round: 175mm
Square: 155mm
Rectangle: 170x100mm0mm
Bundle cutting capacity Max: 300x160mm; Min. 90x10mm
Cutting capacity at 0 ° full (C45)) 200mm
Blade size 3370x27x0.9mm
Blade motor 1.8KW
Blade speed 15-100 m/min
Stroke of the feeder carriage 500mm
Motor of the feeder carriage 0.75KW
Minimal scrap end 80mm
Hydraulic power unit tank capacity 20l
Coolant tank capacityfrigerante 100l
Minimum length that can be cut 15mm
Maximum cuttable lengthabile 9999mm
Dimensions 2200x2385x1610mm
Weight 950kg
Height of the work surface 880mm
CUBO 350 NC BOX 400V


CUBO is the line of automatic saws developed to optimize the user experience of the user thanks to the introduction of various stylistic and functional innovations. Ease of use and safety d'uso e la sicurezza for the operator during the cutting process make it the ideal work tool for any work environment.

CUBO 350 NC BOX 400V

Security and accessibility

CUBO 350 NC BOX has an integrated protection system on all sides of the machine to ensure maximum operator safety during cutting. The protection system does not prevent complete accessibility to all internal parts (movable and not) of the machine in case of maintenance.

CUBO 350 NC BOX 400V

Touch screen: innovative and intuitive

Through the 7-inch touch screen display (with simple and intuitive graphics to optimize the operator's user experience) it is possible to set and control all the machine parameters; the interface allows you to set cutting programs with different quantities and lengths on the same bar and to view any errors during the cutting process.

CUBO 350 NC BOX 400V

Numerical control and cutting management

It allows to store up to 99 cutting programs, 40 cutting lines and 9999 cuts for each program. The machine automatically calculates the thickness of the blade, the total number of pieces to be cut, the settings of the cutting lengths, managing the cutting cycle automatically.tico.

CUBO 350 NC BOX 400V

Mechanical feeler device

CUBO 350 NC BOX is equipped with a mechanical device for the automatic detection of the material and the cutting start point, optimizing the cutting process. The management of the end of the cut is instead guaranteed by an adjustable control microswitch.

CUBO 350 NC BOX 400V

Advance carriage

The feed carriage has a maximum stroke of 515mm. The feeder movements is on chromed bars with high positioning accuracy due to the incremental feeding on recirculating ball screw by self-braking electric motor with inverter.