Sawing Technology


Imet is a leading company in the production of bandsaws, circular saws and innovative system for metalcutting. Founded in 1969, the company is now a worldwide renowed brand who made its name thanks to the high quality and reliability of its products made possible by the constant research for the best and most advanced solutions that could satisfy our customer and partner’s needs. We offer a wide range of machines that could be used in every working environment and cycle by different users (small artisan, workshops, steel workers and industry application for construction). To ease our partner’s research for the best solution for their need, our products are divided in: Premium Line for small and medium sized bandsaws and circular saws; Maxi Line for big sized production (up to 1250 mm) with mitre cutting or straight cut.


We produce all our machines in our headquarters in Cisano Bergamasco (northeast of Milan). Our aim is to offer only the best to our partners, beacuse of that we only use high quality materials, machine tools, components and machineries to produce our machines parts: professional machine centers (DMG MORI SEIKI) for mechanical manufactiting, metal sheets cutting and bending machines (Bystronic), reliable electric components (Schneider) and renowed motoreducer (Bonfiglioli).

In over 50 years of activity research of high quality partners for production and attention to the smallest detail during production have made Imet as a recognized brand all around the world, appreciated for the realibility and efficiency of our machines.


To speed up production process and be more efficient during construction, we have an internal department fully dedicated to paintings: that helps both the standard machines realization and the customization of special project with dedicated color selected by the customer. We have automatized painting lines that provide for constant feeding of machine part ready to be used by our production lines and spare parts ready to be shipped all our the world to our clients; having also a manual painting department allows us to optimize our working process for special customization, possibile on each of Imet machines.


We know that our bandsaws and circular saw are an integrated part of our clients workflow; they need reliable tools that can be used in their working cycle and be as efficient as possible, tested and ready to give high performances; our engineers and technicians daily verify all the parts (purchased and internally made), testing their accuracy and precision.

After the construction process, we take test cuts for all the machines, setting cutting cycles to find the best working parameters that can help our partners with their workflows.


Customer care is crucial: partner need quick answers and solutions to their problems, like a spare parts ready to be shipped in 24/48 hours; thanks to our two warehouses, we can provide that. In our HQs, we have two buildings dedicated to spare parts and stock machines so that we can easily satisfy our clients needs for products and components.

Contact us to know more about spedition time of every spare parts and to know which machines are in stock right now!


In over 50 years of activity, we’ve been offered to our clients state-of-the-art, innovative and advanced solutions regarding the cutting process, both mechanical and software. Our aim has always been to provide professional tools that could optimize our partners workflow and improve the user-experience with our machines; we always look for the best to offer great efficiency, reliability and high cutting performances. Together with the research for the best mechanical solutions, our engineers daily works on new customer-oriented software innovations; thanks to our commitment, we recently introduced a seires of new tools dedicated to the optimization of the cutting process.


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Bridge 4 companies


IMET is part of Bridge 4 companies, a group of 4 companies focused on different fields of the world of metalworking, each dedicated to provide the customers with the best, most advanced, innovative and tools for their workflows. Dedication, passion, research and customer care are the main features of Bridge 4 Companies and the common thread that unite all the firms. The 4 businesses are all located in a range of 20 km over the shores of the Adda River (in Northern Italy, not too far from Milan) and combines we’re a corporation with over 200 employess, present in more than 100 countries with a capillar network of dealers, rapresentatives and resellers that guarantess our presence on all the main international market. The companies that decided to join their forces with synergy and passion are together with IMET are: CEA WELD, leading society in the production of professional welding machines with arc, resistance technology and plasma cutters machines for industry application; TECNOROBOT, robotics system integrators dedicated to the creation and development of unique automatic customized solutions; LAMETEC, high quality metal sheet company, specialized in metal sheet working.



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