Customized Solutions

Thanks to our know-how, developed with over 50 years of experience in the world of metalcutting, we realize innovative and customzed solutions based on our customer’s needs; our technicians will study the project with to find out the best way to introduce a bandsaw or circular saw in your workgflow or they’ll customize an Imet machine so that it can perfectly fit with your requirements. Take a look to some of our best projects we made to solve specific requists of our partners!


  • Automatic loading warehouse
  • Automatic unloading system with pusher device for different lengths
  • Marking of pieces after the cut
  • Automatic bundle loader for 12 m tubes
  • Automatic unloading system with tilting plate
  • Straight cut only to optimize production cycle
  • Automatic circular saw with F1200 feeder (single stroke 1200mm)
  • Sliding barloader SLB6000 "mirrored" to load material from the frontal side
  • Automatic tilting device with cut piece selector
  • Drilling system with double mechanical length stop
  • Synchronization betweem bar feeding, drilling and cutting
  • Integrated management with CNC and touch screen display
  • Laser cutting
  • Change fomat in real time
  • customizable tube length, thickness and diameter
  • Integrated drilling and sawing automatic system
  • Double drilling axes cotrolled (D 5 mm to 30 mm)
  • Simple, user-friendly, intuitive interface with 10” touch screen display
  • F1200 feeder with longer strokes for higher performances on longer cutting lengths
  • SLB gravity barloader to automatically position the material inside feeder vice
  • Motorized 1.5m carpet for unloading with lateral pusher system
  • Automatic circular saw with integrated feeder F1200
  • Sliding barloader SLB6000
  • Ink markiing system for cut pieces with dedicated program and interface