SAWprogram and SAWfactory: Industry 4.0 for your workflow

SAWprogram and SAWfactory are the advanced and easy to use tools developed by our Reasearch&Development deparment (together with our partner CEB) to optimize and improve the workflow of our customers.

SAWprogram is the easy to use and intuitive software that allows to create cutting programs and monitoring the machine working process with every comany PC. The software is available free of charge and can be downloaded (after registration) by clicking the botton here below.

Adding the optional Imet Industry 4.0 Ready - SAWFACTORY to your bandsaw and circular saw (which includes the installation of a datalogger with ""SafeConnect"" technology), you’ll have access to the SAWfactory Web App from every device so that will be possibile to full manage your cutting processes remotely, exporing statistics and report with access to Imet teleservice for remote technical support