Request us the tutorial videos for XT and KTECH Line and improve your workflow!

Do you want to increase your bandsaw productivity and get the best out of your machine? Discover how to do it with IMET #HOWTOSAW tutorial series!

We made these videos fof every professional user who wants to optimize its workflow. increase its bandsaw's efficiency and is willing to receive some tip&tricks from our engineers and experts to have the highest cutting performances with KTECH 502-652 and XT Line machines.

Request the link to see the #HOWTOSAW tutorials dedicated to XT Line machine (our double column machine for high prodution and mechanical engineering) and discover how to simply start using it with just few clicks! || Discover how easy is to create a cutting program thanks to the intuitive interface and 10" touch screen display (you just need to choose between 4 modes and the machine will suggest you how to proceed). This is just a sample that can show how easily you can improve your user experience with XT Line. Contact us to see the complete tutorial series!

The tutorials for KTECH Line will help you to find out how to position, install and use our most integrated and advanced solution for automatic cutting of bars and profiles, ideal for mitre cutting, edge cuts and symmetrical/asymmetrical cuts. || Using all the machine features is easy: we made a complete series of videos that will lead you from installation to programming and cutting with a lot of advices and tip&tricks on zeroing, axes movement and positioning, calibration, lubrification and, most important, cutting program creation: you can create your program with just few clicks (and a technical drawing for edge cuts) on the 10" touch screen display thanks to our intuitive interface.

Send us an email to to get access to a brand new experience with Imet automatic bandsaw. from positioning to program creation, you will see how little adjustments can improve your productivity and optimize your workflow!