New machines to optimize our production

We've been providing reliable, resistant and high quality sawing technologies for 50 years and we always choose to use the best and most advanced solutions and tool to build our machines. This has always been our philosophy and still is. Because of that we recently improved our Cisano Bergamasco's working plant with a couple of high technology, innovative tools:

-2 machining centers DMG MORI NH 6300 DCG II with LPP System
-Vertical automatic warehouse EMS GROUP UNICO M7

DMG MORI NH 6300 DCG II with LPP System -New machine tools center includes two horizontal machining center DMG MORI NH 6300 DCG II integrated with the automatic pallet loading LPP System that allow to work more than 40 pallets in a single process::
-High efficiency on all kind of process
-Integrated tools warehouse with possibility to add different tools
-Production never stops, 24/7
-The integrated LPP System has a multilevel warehouse that can load more than 40 pallet

These features give us the possibility to increase our production of basements, vices, sawframes reaching a higher quality and precision on all the components; the result is that our machines will be even better with improved cutting performances. || Introducing these two production tools also gave us the possibility to optimize our internal logistics: we created a new machine tools center in the same building we use for the stock machine and the now available space of the "old" machining centers is now dedicated to new assemblying lines for standard and customized solutions.

EMS GROUP UNICO M7 - The automatic vertical solution GROUP UNICO M7 is a multimodular warehouse with two collecting areas equipped with touch screen display for control giving us the possibility to contain material storage spaces and optimize the internal supply logistics of our production lines.
-Material stock for production and spare parts
-Easy process to call an article with touch screen and piece overview
-Articcles stock based on destination (final product or assemblying line)