Explore H 650, the new bandsaw for straight cut!

H 650 is our laterst product: a semiautomatic, double column bandsaw suitable for straight cuts and it's now availbale in the Maxi Line! The new bandsaw has been developed to provide a useful, realiabile, easy to use working tool to metal constructions businesses, carpentries, construction steels dealers and mechanical workshops. The machine is suitable for straight cuts of bars, beams, square and round tubes and pipes.

Cutting details:
- Round: 510mm
- Square: 480mm
- Rectangular: 650x450mm
- Pieni (C45): 280mm

Main features:
- Electrowelded sawframe with hydraulic descent, slidning on linear guides and metal pads with recirculating ballscrew.
- High blade tension during the process to avoid vibrations and breakages; blade inclinated 6° so that the machine is always working on a material section (even for plates or square tubes) during all the cutting process, even the end-cut, saing blade life and increasing the performances.
- Standard machine is equipped with 3KW motor and 34mm blade height; to optimize the cutting process is available the High Performances Pack with 4KW motor, 41mm blade and hydraulic tensioning system (that also increases cutting capacity on solids up to 350mm).
- The bar or beam is pefectly supported during the cycle by the wide working area both before and after the blade. The vice has a 650mm full stroke hydrulic cylinder with recirculating ballscrews for perfect material blocking.