Imet présents XT SERIES - The Game Change

XT Series is born from years of in-depth research which has ultimately lead to the development of a highly compact unit with no compromise on quality: a user-friendlly and professional tool for industry application.

XT Series includes a group of an automatic double column band sawing machines with vertical lowering system designed and developed with the aim to guarantee the operator safety and provide our customers with efficient and strong working tools

The entire line has in common a rational, steady, strong and solid look and can be installed in every working environment: size and components had been developed and optimized to look like a monolithic block, a shape that can help guarantee the operator safety. A dedicated and innovative opening system allows to reach every component and machine part in just few moment so that it’s possibile to operate separetely on only one part at a time.

XT4, XT5 and XT6 both use an automatic cutting parameters system dedicated to ease the cutting process and optimize the professional workflow of the operator who just need to insert few information (through the 10" touch screen display) to start working. Automatic cutting parameters, materials, pieces shapes and quantity are stored inside the internal CN Library where they can be reused and modified whenever it's needed. This system also allows to reduce cutting times, incresing the factory productivity.