In over 50 years of activity, we’ve been offered to our clients state-of-the-art, innovative and advanced solutions regarding the cutting process, both mechanical and software. Our aim has always been to provide professional tools that could optimize our partners workflow and improve the user-experience with our machines; we always look for the best to offer great efficiency, reliability and high cutting performances. Together with the research for the best mechanical solutions, our engineers daily works on new customer-oriented software innovations; thanks to our commitment, we recently introduced a seires of new tools dedicated to the optimization of the cutting process.

Touch screen

Our latest introductions are about our automatic machines (both Premium and Maxi line): we developed a new and innovative touch screen display (available in two format: 7” or 10” depending on the machine) with disruptive, intuitive, simple and easy to use interface that allows to be used inside every professional environment and workflow; the user has full controll on all the main settings and process with just few clicks on the touch screen so that he can reach the highest performances and efficiency from his machine.

The touch screen has a wide internal memory that allows to set up to many cutting lines et programs for every bar so that the operator can create different program for every material in use according to what he need in that moment; all the programs can be saved witout canceling other ones that could be helpful in the future. Thanks to the touch, it’s possible to import (via USB key) programs or settings made inside the company technical bureau: it’s the case of the combined use of the new screen with SAWfactory and SAWprogram, our solutions (developed with CEB) that can transform every factroy in an Industry 4.0 company!

SAWprogram is the software with Window 10 and following versions compatibilty, that allows to create a cutting programs on a company PC, adding steps and parameters to optimize the process to your bandasaws and circular saw. It’s possibile to import in the software CSV, DSTV and DSTV+ files and import&convert Logibarre files (used for bar nesting) into files compatible with your machinary. Once the program has been created, the user can easily import it directly to the machine in the factory using USB key or the internal company network.

SAWprogram main features:

  • Create and import cutting programs and parameters
  • Modify a cutting program
  • Compatibility, import and convert DSTV and DSTV+ files
  • Import and convert Logibarre files (for nesting)
  • Import CSV files
  • Transfer the cutting program to the machine with USB key
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and following versions.


The optional Industry 4.0 Ready, available with all our automatic bandsaws and circular saws, adds to all the main SAWprogram features also the possibility to live monitoring the cutting process, download and receive reports and efficiency data and statistics, other than transfer files thanks to Ethernet connectivity and have access to teleservice and technical support from our experts remotely. All these features are available via an easy, simple, intuitive, customer-oriented and user friendly Web App, compatible with all the main browsers.

The Web App gives full access to all the machine data and information regarding the selected program; thanks to the IP adress, it’s possible to overview, manage and optimize the process remotely, viewing live all the main technical data, reports, stats and events log about evey operation made by the bandsaw.

Teleservice The Industry 4.0 Ready optional and SAWfactory give access to the teleservice and remote technical assistance with our technical support, that can monitor your machines operations to control settings and machine status.

SAWfactory main features:

  • Machine status live monitoring through Web App
  • Cutting program live monitoring through Web App
  • Blade life status through Web App
  • Export of cutting history trought web app
  • Export of Log file for operation history (alarms, settings) trought web app
  • Daily reports on machine efficiency with statistics and advanced data
  • Teleservice: Machine status, software version information, machine settings reading, remote modification of some parameters and machine control and management
  • Transfer a program to the selected machine with Eternet connction
  • All the main SAWprogram features.

SAWprogram and SAWfactory are fully compatible with all the Imet automatic bandsaws and circular saws that use the innovative and intuitive touch screen display (7” or 10”) with easy and responsive user interface dedicated to optimize the professionals workflow; all these machines are able to connect with our solution for Industry 4.0 both via ethernet connection or USB key:


  • CUBO 300 NC FLAT
  • CUBO 350 NC FLAT
  • CUBO 400 NC FLAT
  • CUBO 300 NC BOX
  • CUBO 350 NC BOX
  • CUBO 400 NC BOX


  • SIRIO 370 AF-NC
  • VELOX 350 AF-NC


  • H 601 NC
  • H 700 - 800 - 1200 NC F1500-3000
  • KTECH 502 - 652 F2000
  • KTECH 802 - 1202 F3000-6000
  • XT4 - XT5 - XT6