KTECH 502 F2000

The project is customization of a KTECH 502 F2000 with automatic loading warehouse, unloading system with pieces selection through pusher and marking

  • Automatic loading warehouse
  • Automatic unloading system with pusher device for different lengths
  • Marking of pieces after the cut

Integrated loading and unloading system for automatic bandsaw KTECH 502 F 2000. The customization developed for the customer includes a warehouse for automatic loading of bars managed by the CNC machine operative system (up 10 bars at the same time) with mechanized positioning on the feeder. Unloading side with pusher system for selection of cut pieces based on the set length to exclude pieces with different length and marking to ease selection of bars.

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The barloader allows to load up to 10 bars at the same time to increase productivity and efficiency, optimizing process time and cost: once set, the system can work alone so that the operator have time to do another work.


Transmission with chain and pignon with vertical pegs that separates each bar position. Maximum capacity for single profile is 200x200 mm.


Once the bar is loaded in the warehouse and transported in the first position (read by photocells), a slide allows to posisiton it inside the machine feeder.


The automatic unloading system is equipped with a motorized roller table that mounts a lateral hydraulic pusher device inchronyzed with the feeder movement.


The unloading process can be set in different ways: 1) unload every piece after the cut (inside a box) 2) Unload the roller table only when full of cut pieces (two detectors read the material position at the beginning and ending of roller table and work together with the machine CNC system and loaded cutting program).


Marking: marking system for cut pieces (single piece longer than 800 mm); after each cut, the device marks every piece with its cutting length to ease the operator triage work.