KTECH 502 F2000

KTECH 502 F2000 (it is available also longer feeders F3000 and F6000) with integrated drilling system managed with NC control and 10” touch screen display

  • Integrated drilling and sawing automatic system
  • Double drilling axes cotrolled (D 5 mm to 30 mm)
  • Simple, user-friendly, intuitive interface with 10” touch screen display

Upon our customer's request our engineers developed this integrated drilling machine is developed starting from a KTECH 502 double coulumn bandsaw and a1double axes (y and z, moved by servomotor) with possibility to use a range of drill bits from to 5 mm to 30 mm (D 5 to 25 mm use a standard 1.5 KW motor, for D 30 mm is available in option a 3 KW motor). Drilling and cutting processes are managed by machine NC to create a synchronized cycle where the user has full control thanks to the intuitive and easy to use interface of the 10” touch screen display; adding the optional INDUSTRY 4.0 READY – SAWfactory the user can also program, manage and monitor the process remotely (he can also download reports and statis to improve its working efficiency).

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  • Drilling diameters: 5 mm to 30 mm
  • Motor power 1.5 KW (drilling up to D 25 mm – In option 3 KW for D up to 30 mm)
  • Toolheader Iso30 (In option Iso40)
  • Maximum drill bit rotation speed 2400 rpm


  • Toolhead axes movement by brushless motor
  • Axes rapid speed 6000 mm/min
  • Material advancement speed 7000 mm/min


Minium piece size 50x10 mm

  • Maximum piece size 500x310 mm
  • Minimum length from the start of the for the first drill 20 mm
  • 4

    • Toolhead brushless motor for threading 1,6KW 6,2 Nm
    • Pneaumatic tool unlocking system (only for Iso40)
    • Automatic 5 positiions tool changement (Iso40)
    • Coolant system via toolhead

    The bandsaw is equipped with an integrated feeder (the customer can choose the length: 2000 mm, 3000 mm or 6000 mm) with an additional free rolls table to ease the material loading.


    The drilling system is positioned before the feeder (also the piece length control is made before the drill) with the possibility for the user to puncture after 20mm from the begin of the bar.


    Once the bar has been drilled, the cycle continues with material feeding (the advanced of the bar to the drilling station is provided by feeder vice) up to the cutting area for the sawing process with the type of cutting (edge, symmetrical/asymmetrical) selected on the touch screen


    The system is compatible with the optional INDUSTRY 4.0 READY – SAWfactory that allows to create a program with SAWprogram software on the PC and import it on the machine with the possibility to check working cycle status directly from the dedicated Web App.


    The final minimum scrap-end is 250 mm with 170 mm scrap-end available with special jaws; when using only straight-cut, the machines is equipped with brushless motorized vice that reduce scrap-end to 110 mm.


    The integrated drilling and cutting system developed by our engineers can also be used together with automatic warehouse for material loading and with unloading system (available with cut pieces selection) to create an automatized working cycle.