CUBO 350 NC F1200

CUBO 350 NC FLAT F1200 automatic working cycle with integrated SLB barloader and unloading motorized system

  • F1200 feeder with longer strokes for higher performances on longer cutting lengths
  • SLB gravity barloader to automatically position the material inside feeder vice
  • Motorized 1.5m carpet for unloading with lateral pusher system

CUBO 350 NC FLAT F1200 is an integrated automatic working cycle for bars and tubes up to 100mm. The cycle starts with the SLB gravity barloader that allows to automatically position the material in the feeder (F1200 with longer stoke for higher performances on longer cutting lengths, reducing the number of strokes required in case of cut pieces with 1000mm like this customer has). After the cut the cycle allows to separated trim-cuts and rest pieces from good ones thanks to the motorized carpet. Good pieces are moved by a pusher system in a slider collector.

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SLB gravity barloader customized to cut solid bars 100x20mm with teflon covers to safe materail quality.


The first bar is lifted up from the slide by supports managed by a pneumatic cylinder and it’s transferred on the feeding roller table. A motorized wheel provides for loading the bar inside the feeder vice and block it.


The machine is equipped with supplementary F1200 integrated feeder to fullfil customer request to optimize it's workflow.


Independent and mobile control consolle equipped with electrical components and machine PLC.


Programming and management of the working cycle are provided by NC with 7" touch screen with easy and intuitive interface.


The machine is set with our "Industry 4,0 Ready - SAWfactory" solutions that includes: connection of the system to the user internal network, SAWprogram software and SAWfactory web app for monitoring and teleservice.


Motorized unloading carpert (0.55KW motor) to move cut pieces, trim cuts and rest pieces to the assigned deposit. Length 3 meter, width 160mm.


Collection chute for good cutting lengths made with tubolars covered with teflon to slow down and avoid any damage while collected, saving the quality of the bar. Slider depth 1450mm.


Trim cuts, rest pieces and remainings are moved by the motorized carpet to a box placed by the customer so that they're divided from the "good pieces".


Pusher system for cut pieces selection after the cut. The system is made by a sheet metal moved by hydraulic cylinders that provide to push laterally the material to the collection chute.


The user can select (by 7" touch screen display) how to proceed with expulsion mode: after every cut (one piece at a time) or after the table is full to unload them all together.


Protection system by CE laws with 2 pairs of safety photocells (one for the front sie, the other on the back side) and metal barriers between SLB and bandsaw and at the end of the motorized carpet.