Automatic circular saw SIRIO 370 AF-NC with bunlde loading device for steel pipes and tube and unloading system with swinging support to allow cut pieces selection via software.

  • Automatic bundle loader for 12 m tubes
  • Automatic unloading system with tilting plate
  • Straight cut only to optimize production cycle

The project is a customization of SIRIO 370 AF-NC, developed by our engineers and technicians: an integrated system with automatic loading warehouse for bundle of tube and pipes in steel, automatic circular saw modified for straight cut only, unloading system with swinging blade to select and divide cut pieces (with different lengths) from trim cuts; the machine is equipped with CNC with touch screen display to allow control on all the working cycle. The loading device uses a group of motrized belts to take the pipe from the warehouse and position it (one by one) on the barloader; a swinging support plate on the unloader table provides for pieces selection after the cut. A protection system made with metal barriers and safety photocells (managed by touch screen display) helps to warranty user security.

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The automatic barloader is suitable for bundle of pipes and tube with 600mm maximum diameter (the capacity for the single tube is 100 mm), giving the chance to the user to create a material warehouse to set up a full working cycle with multiple bars, saving production times and costs.


The barloader is equipped with a set of motorized belts that lifts the first pipe of the group, placing it on the support. Once the tube is in position, the cycle starts. The user can control the process by the touch screen display and mobile consolle.


The total length of the barloader is 12 meters (required by the customer); once the bar has been lifted and placed by the belts, the material is in position and it’s dragged inside the SIRIO 370 AF-NC feeder (F1200) by a vertical roller. The machine has been modified, upon user’s needs, to cut only at 90°, with no possibility to rotate.


The unloader uses a simple and effective “swinging” device to help select the pieces after the cut and divide them on the base of customer’s requiements. The first reuest was to be able to separate trim cuts and scrap-ends from the useful pieces; the user can also use the selector to divide material based on the cutting lengths set in the working program.


The machine is equipped with the 7” touch screen display and the intuitive interface developed by our engineers. To have an integrated and fully monitored working cycle, the user installed also SAWprogram software for cutting program creation inside the factory technical office and SAWfactory web app for remote control, monitoring, export of data, statistics and efficiency reports, remote assistance by our customer care.


The system is protected by a mixed solution of metal barrier and CNC-managed safety photocells that help to provide to the user security, regulating the access to the cutting area while in action.