VELOX 350 AF-NC 90°

CNC automatic circular machine for aluminium

Automatic circular saw VELOX 350 AF-NC 90° is a professional working tool developed to cut aluminium, light and non-ferrous materials with high precision and accuracy; the machine is designed to cut only at 0° with a reduced final scrap-end (30 mm). It's available in two version: one has the feeder with piston transmission, the other with belt.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 120mm
Square: 105mm
Rectangular: 200x80mm
Cutting capacity with solids 120mm
Min. scrap-end 30mm
Blade speed 3600rpm
Blade diam. 350mm
Blade Motor 2.2KW (3KW in option)
Feeder stroke 550mm (Option F1200 with belt feeder)
Min. cutting lenght in autom. cycle 15mm
Working table height 930mm
Coolant tank capacity 40l
Weight 607kg
Dimensions 1800x1450x1950mm
VELOX 350 AF-ENC 90°

Head in cast-iron

Velox machines have a cast-iron cutting head made in block block that helps to reduce vibration while cutting and avoid slow-downs and bindings; a vertical piston provides to have an easy material blocking with the results to optimize user's working cycle.

VELOX 350 AF-ENC 90°

Reduced scrap-end

VELOX 350 AF-NC 90° version is designed and optimized for 90° cutting and to reduce scrap-end to 30mm.

VELOX 350 AF-ENC 90°

7" touch screen display (belt feeder version)

VELOX 350 AF-NC 90° with belt transmission uses a 7" touch screen display with easy to use inteface and possibility to manage all machine parameters with just few clicks to improve and optimize operator's user experience and workflow. The innovative interface allows to set easily many cutting programs and lines on the same bar.