Automatic system, integrated with barloader and unloading device, for rounds, squares and plates cutting

  • Automatic circular saw with F1200 feeder (single stroke 1200mm)
  • Sliding barloader SLB6000 "mirrored" to load material from the frontal side
  • Automatic tilting device with cut piece selector

The customer's request and the development of the project arise from the need to find a solution to two problems: a bettter organization of the warehouse, production plant space (logistics) and improve the way they manage cut pieces which is why they asked for a solution dedicated to divide “good” pieces from scrap ends and trim cuts. The first issue was risolved by modifying the SLB6000 gravity barloader by "mirroring" it so that the material would be loaded frontally and the machine positioned against the wall; for the cut pieces selection we developed a tilting unloading plate managed by machine CNC and 7” touch screen display that provided materail expulsion for “good” pieces on one side and trim cuts/scrap-end on the other.

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SLB6000 automatic gravity loading system with "mirrored" operation by the operator: the material is loaded from the front


The SLB barloader has been optimized to cut the material used by the customer:

  • ROUND: diameters 22mm - 25mm - 28mm
  • SQUARE: diameters 15mm - 22mm - 25mm - 30mm
  • RECTANGULAR: diameters 30x20mm - 40x20mm - 30x15mm - 30x10mm


The first bar is lifted up from the slide by supports managed by a pneumatic cylinder and it’s transferred on the feeding roller table. A motorized wheel provides for loading the bar inside the feeder vice and block it.


The machine is equipped with an F1200 feeder (single stroke 1200mm) to optimize positioning precision on cuts over 500mm (the F500 carriage "forces" a greater number of repetitions on a long piece while the F1200 feeder allows to reduce the number of strokes necessary to make lengths over 500mm).


The cycle programming is numerically controlled and is carried out by the operator via a 7" touch screen with a simple and intuitive interface. The panel allows you to manage the loading system, the advancement of the material for the cutting length, the cutting and the expulsion of the cut piece.


The cut piece ejection device is made up of a rigid structure made of electro-welded and screwed metal profiles with a sheet metal support surface. The table is equipped with motoreducer and encoder to manage the plate rotation and material expulsion.


Programming of the ejection cycle via the machine's touch screen display with selection of cutting lengths and setting of the ejection side for trim cuts/scraps and for pieces cut to size. For every cut and advance there is an expulsion.


The entire system is configured according to Industry 4.0 regulations thanks to the "Industry 4.0 Ready" package which includes:

  • connection of the machine to the company network via datalogger configured with the customer's local network (LAN) data
  • SAWprogram software for creating the cutting program and sending it to the sawing machine directly from the office
  • access to the SAWfactory web app for access to the remote assistance service and the possibility of downloading statistical reports on the operational efficiency of the machine