SIRIO 370 AF-NC with markiing

Automatic tube cutting system with loading warehouse, cut pieces selection and ink marking device.

  • Automatic circular saw with integrated feeder F1200
  • Sliding barloader SLB6000
  • Ink markiing system for cut pieces with dedicated program and interface

The end-user, a britsh tube producer and manufacturer, required to include in the system a marking device(we choose an ink marking because of the material processed in the factory) that imprinted an identification code on each cut piece so that the material could be divided into different production batches.
To optimize the cycle, in addition to the sliding barloader SLB6000 (ideal for the 20mm to 70mm cut by the end-user), the system has also been equipped with an automatic unloading selector device with tilting operation to separate the cut pieces made to measure from scraps and trimming.

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The barloader SLB6000 is an automatic loading warehouse for bars and tubes up to 90mm and length up to 6m with slide operation


Once a bar has been processed, another bar is lifted up from the slide by supports managed by a pneumatic cylinder and it’s transferred on the feeding roller table.


Motorized feeder F1200 to optimize the bar position accuracy, useful for long cutting measures made by the customer (from 1000mm to 3200mm).


The cycle programming is numerically controlled and is carried out by the operator via a 7" touch screen with a simple and intuitive interface. The panel allows you to manage the loading system, the advancement of the material for the cutting length, the cutting and the expulsion of the cut piece.


Black ink marking system with 2 NC controlled axis (X and Y) with NC programming by independent touch screen interface. Cutting length from 1000mm to 3200mm. Minmum cuting length to be marked is 200mm.


Marking text is the cutting length. The material must be perfectly clean and without remainings and residuals before the marking to have a correct process. It's compulsory to use the minimal lubrification system (spray) instead of the water coolant to not ruin the marking.


The expulsion device with cut piece selector is made up of a rigid structure in electro-welded profiles with a 4m sheet metal support surface and tilting operation to divide the pieces cut to size from scraps and trimming.


The selector also allows you to divide the cut tubes based on the cutting measure: up to a certain length the system will expel the material from one side, beyond this value they will be expelled from the other


The unloading device is protected by a mixed solution of metal barriers and safety photocells: metal barriers are positioned on the lateral sides of the tilting surface while 2 pairs of photocells protect the front and rear sides of the system.