KTECH 352 F1200

Automatic bandsaw for structural steels

KTECH 352 F1200 is a pivoting bandsaw with automatic NC rotation and integrated 1200mm motorized feeder intended to be used for structural steels and steel works factories. The machine is equipped with an easy and intuitive HMI by 10" touch screen display and can provide a cutting range from +60° to - 45°. Full compatibility with Industry 4.0 system.

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 0° Round: 305mm
Square: 250mm
Rectangular: 350x200mmm
Cutting capacity at 45° left/right Round: 255mm
Square: 230mm
Rectangular: 230x200mmm
Cutting capacity at 60° left Round: 175mm
Square: 155mm
Rectangular: 170x100mmm
Cutting capacity with bundle device Max 300x160mm
Min 85x10mm
Cutting capacity at 0° - solids (C45) 200mm
Minimum cutting length 20mm
Minimum cutting diameter 20mm
Minimum scrap-end 150mm
Blade size 3370x27x0.9mm
Blade motor 1.8KW
Blade speed range 15-100 m/min
Feeder (single stoke)- motor power 1150mm with ballscrew
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 20l
Coolant tank 100l
Machine size 2935x2400x1900mm
KTECH 352 F1200

HMI 10" touch screen

KTECH 352 has an easy and intuitive interface dedicate to optimize the user-experience: thanks the CNC system and 10" touch screen display the user can manage all the machine operative function, set up 99 cutting program and multiple cutting length on the same bar, set the number of feeder stroke, the number of pieces and blade speed. It's also possibile to do an autodiagnostic to detect errors.

KTECH 352 F1200

NC control

KTECH line automatic bandsaws have an innovative 4 controlled axis system (laterial movement and closing of the vice, material feeding and sawframe rotation), all managed by numeric control. All the machine movement and setting can be controlled and modified via touch screen display.