H 1200

Semiautomatic double column bandsaw for 90° cuts

H 1200 is the semiautomatic double column bandsaw for straight cut (90°) that provides high working performances with reliable cutting quality and an optimized cutting process thanks to the 5° canted blade, easing the material penetration even on the biggest sizes. The machine is suitable for tubes, pipes, full materials and carpentry works

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Technical information

Cutting capacity at 90° Round: 680mm
Squareto: 640mm
Rectangular: 1250x600mm
Cutting capacity at 90° full material 500mm
Bundle cutting capacity 1000x500mm MAX
110x20mm MIN
Blade motor 7.5KW
Blade speed Da 15 a 90 m/min
Blade size 8140x54x1.6mm
Blade tension 3000kg/cm2
Band inclination
Weight 3400kg
Size 1450x4000x2750mm
Working table height 855mm
Hydraulic unit motor 0.75KW
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 20l

Rigid sawframe

The machine has an electrowelded bow in steel with rigid tubolar section and large thickness: this structure helps avoid any vibration, binding or slowing of sawing rates while working. Sawframe movement is on linear guides, perfectly balanced with a big diameter hydraulic cylinder.


Panel control

Semiautomatic bandsaw of the H Line are equipped with 10" touch screen display mounted on a mobile consolle. The panel control gives to the operator full control on all the machine settings and operation while cutting.


Canted blade

H 1200 is equipped with a 5° canted blade to have the highest and best cutting perfomances on every type of material with any size, even on wider diameters.


Blade tension

Together with canted blade, the high blade tension (3000kg/cm2) allows the sawblade to freely and easily cut throught the bottom of large structures, improving cutting times and performances.


Smart cut approach

H 800 and H 1200 recognise the start cut point thanks to a magnetic strip with encoder for material reading: the operator must set the material size on the panel control, the machine starts the automatic fast lowering of the sawframe up to the set value. This process allows to have a faster and easier approach to the material, helping saving time.


Blade cleaning

The machine mounts a mechanical cleaning brush with nylon teeth so that the blade is always kept perfectly clean and the residuals can be removed while working.


Blade guides

Registrable blade guides in metal pads and bearings. The mobile blade guide is automatically being kept next the cutting area.



H 1200 mounts an hydraulic horizontal vice with full stroke so that the material is perfectly locked and ready to be cut.