Automatic bandsaws for industry application

XT Series are the latest and more advanved professional tools developed by IMET technicians for industry applcation ande massive production of steel and metal solids: XT5 is am automatic double column bandsaw with straigh cut with automatic cutting parameters, touch screen display,innovative design to guarantees user safety during the entire cutting process

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Technical information

Cutting area 90°
Cutting capacity at 90° Round: 460mm
Squared: 460mm
Rectangular: 460x460mm
Capacity with bundle cutting 450x450mm
Scrap-end with bundle 210mm
Minimum scrap-end 60mm ((available in option: 30mm)
Minimum cutting diameter 20mm
Blade size 6120x54x1.3mm (in optional blade h 41 mm, thickness 1.3 mm)
Blade inclination
Blade motor power 5.5KW
Blade speed 15÷150 m/min
Sawframe motoreducer Brushless 1/9 6Nm low backlash planetary
Feeder motoreducer Brushless 1/25 6Nm low backlash planetary
Feeder length 500 mm
Hydraulic unit power 2.2KW
Hydraulic unit tank capacity 25l
Collant tank capacity 100l
Weight 4300kg
Machine size . 2800x1777x2200mm
Minimun cutting lenght 10 mm
Working table height 870mm
Chips conveyor height 420mm
XT5 V400 3F 50HZ

Innovative design

Innovative, fascinating and clean: these are the main features of the XT Series design that provided to these machineries the prestigious ADI (Italy's association dedicated to best product of the italian industrial design) Design Index selection and the publication on the renowed ADI magazine as one of the best product of the italian design. XT Series was also officially selected to be a contestant for the Golden Compass, the most famous italian design award.

XT5 V400 3F 50HZ

10" touch screen display

XT Series uses CNC numeric control to managed all the machine settings. The machine is also equipped with a simple and easy-to-use 10" touch screen display with user-friendly and intuitive interface that gives the operator full control on all the machine operative parameters, increasing and optimizing the user-experience, making the machine the ideal working tool in professional environment for industry application.

XT5 V400 3F 50HZ

Automatic parameters and materials library

Inside the machine it's has been uploaded a material library with more than 150 materials with preset parameters and cutting settings, fully accessible through the touch screen and the easy-to-use machine interface; the library allows to start cutting even with no expperiece, the user just need to follow the intutive instruction: just few clicks to select the material and the cutting program, then XT software will calculate cutting settings to optimize the process and start the production.

XT5 V400 3F 50HZ

User safety

User safety is provided by the new design full carter system which cover all the machine moving parts while the machine is working so that the user cannot be in danger. In case of the opening of a carter, the machine has microswitch system that immediately stops the movements. Every working error or breakage is indicated on the display.

XT5 V400 3F 50HZ

Full acess

The protection system doesn't mean it's not easy to interviene in case of maintenance: all the carters can open up, providing full access to all the internal machine parts. A sump pump provides for the collecting tank cleaning.

XT5 V400 3F 50HZ

Double structure sawframe

XT Series sawframe has a rigid double structure in electrowelded steel specifically designed to have the highest resistance even on the biggest cutting processes; this massive structrue reduces vibrations, bindings and noises while working, optimizing performances on all kind of materials and shapes.